Pousada Oceania Brasil on Taiba Beach


Discover with Pousada Oceania the kitesurfing paradise of Taíba … which is an idyllic fishing village in northeastern Brazil, with about 2,500 inhabitants, surrounded by huge sand dunes and endless virgin beaches.

The northeast coast of Brazil is full of small villages like this, but none of them is like Taìba. The warm and charming people, the exotic culture, the cheap cost of living and a lifestyle that continues, as it always has.

Kitesurfing in Taiba is simply the best.

Wave lovers can ride the constant waves anywhere from the end of the bay, to the lagoon and beyond. Flat water lovers can kite in Taíba lagoon.

The Taiba Lagoon is a shallow smooth freshwater lagoon, 4 km from the west end of Taiba. The size of the lagoon depends on the annually rainfall, but is usually large enough for some surfers to enjoy.

There are some submerged rocks on the left side of the pond, and during high season there might be some weekends were it can get crowded.

You can do a downwind from Taibinha to the lagoon, or you can drive to the Kiteboarding Lagoon with a regular car (no 4×4 needed).

    “I choose Taiba over the other lagoons in Brazil because it offers a more rustic wave. There is also more wind than in Cauipe, but less wind than Jeri, so for the unhooked tricks I love to do, it’s perfect.”

Brandon Sheid, pilot of Liquid Force pro

The wind is perfect and blows during peak season 18-28 knots, sideshores, from 10.00 till 16.00, and slows down a little before sunset. The weather conditions are also perfect with 25-27 degrees of water and 26-32 air temperature.

The beach and sea surface are mostly sandy, with few rocks and sea shells. The beach is spacious no matter the tidal level.

Video: Kitesurfing Taiba with Pousada Oceania